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Mercedes-Benz Celebrates Best-Ever Third Quarter And September

Mercedes-Benz reported its sales results in September and the year to date.

The carmaker can boast a double-digit growth (+10.4%) and record 223,838 vehicles sold last month worldwide. July-September figures amount 590,514 units, it is the best-ever third quarter (+12.2%) for Mercedes.

Sales through September equal 1,725,243 units. This is 0.6% more than in the same period last year. So, Mercedes could reverse its sales trend returning to growth.

Sales by market

Since the beginning of the year, Mercedes-Benz has maintained its leadership in the premium segment in Germany, the UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Canada, South Africa.

New sales records were set during 9 months in Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland and France. Deliveries to South Korea, Vietnam and Singapore were the best-ever too.

China is a core market for the brand. In this country, Mercedes-Benz celebrated the best 3rd quarter of all times (181,233 units), as well as record September (61,664 units, +12.9%) and the year to date (525,890 units, +5.0%).

Sales results on other key markets are as follows:

  • Germany – 28,397 vehicles (+24.7%) Sept., 228,737 vehicles (+5.0%) YTD;
  • USA – 27,433 vehicles (+4.8%) Sept., 224,212 vehicles (-0.5%) YTD.

Overall sales in Europe achieved 99,092 units (+8.2%) last month and 692,533 units (+0.5) through September, 2019.

Sales by model

Compact car segment grew by 17.7% in September and totaled 72,700 units of the Mercedes A-Class and B-Class, the CLA Coupe and Shooting Brake, the GLA.

Record 489,600 units (+10.6%) were sold from January to September 2019.  

The Mercedes-Benz B-Class (pictured) and the CLA Coupe have been the key drivers in Europe, their sales achieved double-digit increase.

The E-Class sedan and wagon sales grew by 11.8% in September (33,800 vehicles). The E-Class sedan’s sales became record in September (+15.2%) and the year to date (+2.1%). This model enjoyed particular popularity in the Asia-Pacific region, China and South Korea.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan celebrated a double-digit growth last months (5,700 sales, +11.1%), mostly due to the China, where the model set a record. US sales were good for the S-Class too.

Source: Daimler

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