Mercedes-AMG Published X-mas Video Teaser Of New-gen Hot Hatchback

Mercedes-AMG has congratulated fans on Christmas and New Year, showing a video with a new A45 hatchback prototype.

Mercedes-Benz does not lag behind the rest and also congratulates everyone on the upcoming Christmas and New Year. The German automaker does it in a peculiar way. The brand has combined the congratulatory video with the announcement of a new model.

Mercedes-AMG has released the video teaser for the next-generation A45 hatch due in 2019. In the video, a 400-hp all-wheel-drive car runs along the race track – such a kind of greeting.

The 302-hp Mercedes-AMG A35 with a 2.0-liter turbo engine is more or less detailed. But the A45 version will get a more powerful engine, a redesigned all-wheel drive system, more effective brakes, other suspension settings, a new aerodynamic body kit and other updates.

There is no other information about the new product.  Soon this performance car will cease to be a secret. We should be patient and wait for the official premiere of the model.

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