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Mercedes-AMG A45 Will Share Its M139 Engine With Larger Models

Mercedes-AMG A45’s M139 engine will move to other AMG models ….larger ones, despite established tradition.

It is normal when smaller and cheaper vehicles accommodate more upscale tech stuff of larger and pricier models in the lineup.

The things will probably go vice versa with an innovative 2.0-liter 421-hp (369 lb-ft) in-line four-cylinder turbo engine known as M139. It is mounted in such cars as the Mercedes-Benz A45 and CLA45 AMG.

This capable unit is making its way to replace six-cylinders in the 43 and 53 models, being integrated into a hybrid system with a powerful electric motor.

Mercedes-AMG’s boss told of it at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. He promises the M139 engine will be applied not only to front-wheel drive cars (with transverse engine layout), but larger rear-wheel-drive ones too (lontigual layout). However, a C45 will hardly arrive soon.

At the same time, the future 63 models will continue producing around 600 hp, even with hybrid systems. These cars will likely receive smaller and less potent engines compared to ones they are currently powered by.

What does a use of smaller engines in larger vehicles mean?

Will Mercedes gradually give up huge displacements and turbos in favor of hybrid powertrains which comprise a small displacement engine and can boast the outstanding performance?

Let’s see what they will do in the coming months.


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