McLaren Will Refresh Its Model Lineup Until 2025

McLaren Will Refresh Its Model Lineup Until 2025

McLaren will refresh its model lineup. As reported by the company’s representatives, until 2025 at least 18 new cars are planned to launch.

Experts evaluate the financial state of the British automaker as stable. The company has been in the lead for 3 years in terms of profitability. But to realize the plans announced, it will take a lot of money.

Such a decision means that McLaren “has several aces in the sleeve”. New cars will certainly be high-tech.

The brand’s design and engineering group is expected to focus on autonomous control systems development.

Another priority for McLaren is the production of composite elements and assemblies. The company is going to construct a new plant for production of composite materials.

McLaren does not intend to find itself in the popular segment of crossovers and off-road vehicles nowadays. It aims at the production of modern sports cars.

Photo: 2019 McLaren Senna

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