Mazda MX-5 Will Become Hybrid or Even All-Electric

2016 Mazda MX-5 image

Mazda R&D and Cost Innovation boss Ichiro Hirose has confirmed the MX-5 is in the “scope of electrification in 2030”.

This means the iconic roadster will receive some hybrid systems – a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or mild hybrid, 24- or 48-volt one. We cannot rule out a purely electric powertrain, although we believe more than Mazda will choose hybrid power.

At this, the company wants to keep the Mazda MX-5 lightweight, compact, and with respect to the model’s DNA. An all-electric setup is heavier than a hybrid drivetrain.

So, this allows suggesting that the hybrid MX-5 is more possible. As for the gasoline engine, it should remain at least for another decade, if not in Europe, then in other markets.

In addition, Mazda wants to adopt an “internal combustion engine that uses biofuel, such as e-fuel”.

Expect the next-generation ‘NE’ Mazda MX-5 to launch between 2022 and 2025, given the current ‘ND’ model debuted in late 2014.

Source: CarAdvice

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