Mazda Customers Get a Fast Repair Quote Based on a Photo of Damage

Mazda has offered a new online service for British customers. It facilitates the procedure for obtaining repair during the COVID-19 lockdown.

A person can find out how much the repair will cost without going to a specialist. People access the new service free of charge by use of a ‘Accident & Repair’ section of Mazda’s official website.

They simply follow the guidelines for a quick estimation before making a decision if it worth proceeding through insurance. Any repair is possible. Trained bodyshop technicians of Mazda will fulfill it using genuine parts.

The Mazda Approved Accident Repair center checks whether the vehicle has any safety recalls, and if required, completes a recall simultaneously with a repair.

Mazda offers a range of accident aftercare services in its new Accident Damage Repair Portal, which lets customers promptly get an estimate of repair expenses staying at home.

The fact that only 30 percent of approved repairers are open and operate in-line with current government directives will influence the quickness of response.

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