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2022 Mazda 6 Will Not Be In the Model Lineup For USA

The Mazda6 is leaving the U.S. market, but could potentially come back in the future.

The carmaker has solved to discontinue the Mazda6 midsize sedan for the next model year. The current third-generation Mazda vehicles remain at dealers until fully sold out. As for the 2022 model – we won’t see it in America.

So, Mazda becomes the latest automaker to exit the segment of family sedans. But talking about the death of the model is premature.

Rumors say the Mazda6 will return on a new rear-wheel-drive platform and be powered by a new inline-six engine. It is still unclear whether it comes with the same nameplate or is newly named.

Expect it to arrive as a 2023 model, if it happened at all, because rumors, though often true, are not facts. Today, the company itself keeps its plans for the model silent.

Mazda also drops the CX-3 crossover from its lineup for 2022, as the carmaker has the newer CX-30 of similar size and price.

Today, the Mazda6 is only sixth in its US sales class. The model is less popular than, for example, the Ford Fusion and Subaru Legacy. Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are the undisputed sales leaders in the midsize segment.

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