Lotus Eletre Progressive Hyper SUV Is Here, What Brings

2023 Lotus Eletre

Recently the Lotus Eletre has made its official debut. This is a pure electric, all-new lifestyle SUV that will be available to customers next year.

The Lotus Eletre is characterized by active aerodynamics, a low center of gravity, and a dramatic porous design with the use of pioneering sustainable materials. Moreover, It has advanced autonomous driving capabilities.

Powerful electric motors and a battery with over 100 kWh allow the vehicle to cover 370 miles (596 km) on a single charge, accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 2.9 seconds. The top speed is 160 mph (258 km/h).

Lotus emphasizes that the Eletre is the first global SUV with an 800-volt architecture.

The highlight of the model is the first-ever deployable LiDAR system with hidden sensors which emerge, when necessary, from the front wheel arches and the tops of the rear glass and the windscreen.

2023 Lotus Eletre Feature
In the Cabin of Lotus Eletre
2023 Lotus Eletre Cabin
Lotus Eletre Dashboard

The cabin with an innovative interface and a head-up display is super modern and comfortable.

2023 Lotus Eletre Rear
Lotus Eletre Rear
2023 Lotus Eletre Front
Lotus Eletre Face
2023 Lotus Eletre Rear Seats
Lotus Eletre Rear Seats
2023 Lotus Eletre Interior
Lotus Eletre Interior

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