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Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck Debuts Today At Noon EDT

The new vehicle will make its debut on June 25, 2020 at the Lordstown plant in Ohio.

Vice President Mike Pence attends the event, which will be live-streamed for viewers at noon eastern daylight time.   

The Lordstown Endurance will enter the growing segment of electric pickup trucks. This is a unique vehicle due to its four in-wheel hub electric motors, a true four-wheel-drive model for five occupants.

The maker claims its peak output achieves 600 hp. The EPA-rated driving range is 250+ miles. The top speed is 80 mph (128 kph).

The Lordstown Endurance can tow 7,500 lbs. The battery capacity is still a secret, the company will shed light on it in a few hours.   

The pickup’s price starts at $52,500. Deliveries to commercial fleet customers should begin early next year. Private consumers will have their vehicles in late 2021.

Picture: Official Teaser of Lordstown Motors

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