Long-Range Electric SUV Will Join Ford Mustang’s Lineup In 2021

Ford intends to unveil its all-new fully electric Mustang-based SUV next year and to market it in 2021. The company has announced its arrival and revealed few details at the event in Amsterdam held on April 2.

The new vehicle will join the iconic sports car lineup and is unified with it by some elements, in particular, based on the Mustang’s upgraded platform. What else do we know for today?

Primarily, Ford thought of giving the ‘Mach 1’name to the model, but then abandoned the idea. The Ford Mustang Mach-E, Falcon or even the Lightning are possible names under consideration.

The newcomer will be Ford’s first production all-electric vehicle. The high-end model will have a driving range of 370 miles (600km) according to WLTP cycle (approx. 330 miles EPA-rated), a cheaper modification is also expected. For comparison: the Model Y has 280mi (450km), the Jaguar I-Pace – 292mi (470km), the Audi e-tron – 249mi (400km).

Ford Electric SUV Concept

There will be a large touchscreen inside, a device for fast charging and capacity to update software via the Internet.

Ford promised to give more details in November 2019. The all-road electric SUV should go on sale not earlier than 2021. We expect the price around $50,000-60,000. The main rival is the Tesla Model Y.

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