Lincoln U.S. Sales Slow Down: Awaiting the 2022 Navigator?

Lincoln Navigator 2022 MY image

Demand for Lincoln vehicles fell by 43 percent in June. Only the flagship Navigator does not lose its position. Probably, after the arrival of its updated version, the full-size SUV will become not only the brand’s best-selling vehicle but also its savior.

Less than 5,000 Lincoln cars were sold in the United States in June 2021, according to Ford Authority. The overall drop in sales exceeded 43 percent compared to June 2020.

Demand has declined for almost the whole Lincoln lineup except for the flagship Navigator. Its sales increased not only last month (+ 15%), but also in the first half of this year (+40%).

It is clear that now we witness not so much an increase in demand for the Navigator as the recovery of Lincoln’s market positions after the coronavirus outbreak.

However, let’s not downplay the results of the model. The Navigator is interesting to consumers.

This is evidenced not only by steadily growing sales but also by consumer interest in the debut of the 2022 Lincoln Navigator. Analysis of the Internet requests for the new product proves this.

Previously we reported about the updated Navigator and the innovations it brings. The main of them will be a plug-in hybrid powertrain, we believe.

Both the Lincoln Aviator and the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring have already had plug-in hybrid versions. We don’t expect the electrification of the Lincoln Navigator to create a breakthrough in sales for the brand, but the introduction of its revamped version may well boost customer interest and make the flagship a bestseller.

In the meantime, the most popular model of the brand is the Lincoln Corsair.

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