Lincoln Star Concept Debuted as a Harbinger of New EV Lineup

Lincoln Star Concept EV

The Lincoln Star Concept, whose debut took place on April 20, 2022, introduces a new design language for the brand’s future electric vehicles.

Lincoln plans to launch three new all-electric cars by 2025 and to add a 4th one by the end of 2026. Yesterday’s premiere of the Lincoln Star Concept, with its modern aesthetic, sleek and dynamic silhouette, intelligent and intuitive features, signifies a transition to zero-emissions products.

The model’s exterior features illuminated crystallines, backlit seats, doors, and some interior elements, a jewel-like Lincoln star on the fascia that lights up upon approach. The concept’s flexible architecture enables an additional interior space.

The Lincoln Intelligence System provides Help Me See, Park for Me, and other advanced driver-assistance functions, as well as vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity and infrastructure capabilities.

All-electric Lincoln Star Concept Exterior
Lincoln Star Concept Exterior_front
Lincoln Star Concept Exterior Rear part
Lincoln Star Concept Exterior_rear
Lincoln Star Concept Exterior Transformation
Lincoln Star Concept Exterior Transformation Capabilities

A front trunk of electro-chromatic glass changing from transparent to opaque allows light in when the car moves and darkening to hide stored things when parked. Illuminated first-row floors under the frunk flow into the cabin and create an airy interior.

Let’s see what an unusual interior the car offers:

Lincoln Star Concept Cabin
Lincoln Star Concept Interior
Lincoln Star Concept Interior Photo 1
Lincoln Star Concept Interior 1
Lincoln Star Concept Interior Photo 2
Lincoln Star Concept Interior 2
Lincoln Star Concept Interior Photo 3
Lincoln Star Concept Interior 3
Lincoln Star Concept Interior Photo 4
Lincoln Star Concept Interior 4

Here there are:

  • Wraparound seating, reclined lounge posture, individual lounge leg rests
  • Storage for slippers and devices
  • A glass beverage chiller between the back seats
  • 3D-printed metal latticework, transparent pillars, a full skylight with a digital shade
  • Controls for rejuvenation moods; those modes are a sequence of harmonizing audio, scenting, lighting; there are three of them to choose from – Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality, Evening Chill
  • A coast-to-coast curved horizontal display
  • Leather, chrome alternatives, other unique materials
  • A wing-shaped floating instrument panel
  • A digital briefcase concept – Lincoln Attaché – with a hidden compartment in the rear door for tablets and laptops that also serves as a charging pad for devices
  • A rear cargo space transformable into an outdoor seat

Source: Lincoln

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