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Lincoln MKZ Leaves, Ford Bronco Sport Takes Its Place At the Plant

Ford Motor Company discontinued the Lincoln MKZ sedan.

Its last day of manufacture was July 31st. The car went away together with its platform mate, the Ford Fusion.

A newcomer, the Ford Bronco Sport, will take their place at the Ford Hermosillo Assembly Plant. The automaker will begin the full-scale production of the Bronco Sport at the facility on October 26, 2020.

Sedans have taken nearly one third of Lincoln’s business. Now, when the MKZ left, the single sedan in the brand’s lineup is the Continental, but it lasts just till the end of the year. What’s next?

Lincoln will develop its portfolio of SUVs/crossovers. Today it seems to be a long-time trend. In particular, the company is going to launch the Corsair Grand Touring later in 2020.

Maybe, sedans will return some day, but for now long live sport utility vehicles!

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