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Lexus UX Arrived in U.S. Priced From $32,000: Which Models Can It Challenge?

The most compact representative of Toyota’s luxury brand has already entered the American car market. The Lexus UX price in the USA starts at $32,000. Which cars does it compete with?

The main formal rivals of the Lexus UX are German BMW X1, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Swedish Volvo XC40 and Japanese Infiniti QX30 (shares its platform with the GLA and is actually the relative model).

These models belong to the luxury compact SUV segment. Their prices are roughly comparable: the BMW X1 costs from $34,950, the previous-generation Audi Q3 is priced at $32,900 (the 2019 Audi Q3 is not on sale in the U.S. yet).

2019 Lexus UX US Version

The Mercedes-Benz GLA starts from $33,950, the Volvo XC40 – from $33,700, the Infiniti QX30 – from $30,150. As you can see, the Lexus UX is more expensive than the QX30 only.

The overall dimensions are also about the same with a few exceptions. Another thing is the UX’s exterior design, very unusual, we suppose.

It is the unique and stylish appearance that makes the Lexus SUV stand out. We can like or dislike the styling, but must admit it is impressive in its own way.

Primarily Lexus designed the UX with a focus on young motorists which preferred uniqueness and boldness. The UX is able to satisfy such tastes.

It is the design that can be the main asset of the model in this segment, taking it beyond the scope of routine.

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