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Legendary Off-road SUVs: Our TOP 5 Rating

Off-road SUVs will never leave the automotive market. We’ve made the TOP 5 rating of the most popular ones, in our opinion.

They have an interesting history, a lot of supporters. Of course, their market segment is smaller than that of crossovers. However, demand for off-road SUVs is stable.

We put the Mercedes-Benz G-Class to the 5th place in our rating. The charismatic Geländewagen was developed as a military vehicle on the proposal of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. Iranian Shah at that time was a shareholder of Mercedes-Benz.

In 1979, a civil version of the model was presented. The SUV has a lot of modifications, including open-top versions and even a popemobile. In May 2018, the debut of the third generation of one of the most famous off-road SUVs  in the world took place.

The base price of the new Mercedes-Benz G-Class is $123,600 in the USA.

4th place. The Land Rover Discovery is 10 years younger than the G-Class. In 2016, the fifth-generation SUV was introduced. The latest Discovery, unlike its predecessors, has an unibody construction, 85% of which are aluminum components.

However, as practice shows, the model has retained its excellent off-road performance. The highlights of all Discovery vehicles are powerful and reliable diesel engines.

The model costs from $52,300.

3rd place. The Toyota Land Cruiser is a legend and dream at the same time. Few people know that this off-road model has been producing since 1951, and a close relative of the first-generation vehicle was the Jeep Willys.

The latest generation Land Cruiser 200, produced since 2007, neither externally nor technically has anything in common with the first Land Cruiser BJ and FJ. This is a real high-grade flagship of the Japanese brand.

The LC’s price starts from $84,765.

2nd place. The Jeep Wrangler is a full-fledged off-road SUV. Last year, the car manufacturer introduced the fourth generation of the model, which has been produced since 1987.

The main rival of the American SUV is the British Land Rover Defender. The latter, let’s remind, is not presently produced. The Defender’s new generation is expected to arrive in 2020.

The Wrangler’s base price is $29,240.

We put the Mitsubishi Pajero to the first place with no hesitation. There is not much to talk about here. Let’s just note that this SUV 12 times won Dakar, the most difficult rally on the planet!

The price for the Mitsubishi Pajero is from $58,990.

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