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Latest Ford Patents: Drones, Valet Mode, Puddle Lamp, Filter

We continue to inform you about the latest Ford patents which have been published this month. This time, the carmaker offers ideas related to charging, purification, and communication.

Four new Ford patents were published on March 8, 2022, though the company filed them at different times – in 2017, 2019, and 2020. The Blue Oval presents the ideas of a jump start system, a gasoline particulate filter system, a configurable puddle lamp control system, and an advanced valet mode system in those patents.

Jump Start System

Ford already has a number of drone-related patents, and this new one joins them. A drone pinpoints the location of a vehicle with a dead battery after the driver puts in a request for charging. The drone flies to the vehicle with which it is able to communicate and connects itself to the vehicle’s battery for a fast charge.

Ford's Jump Start System With Drones Patent
Jump Start System With Drones Patented by Ford

Gasoline Particulate Filter System

Ford vehicles are fitted with gasoline particulate filters, and this new patent is an improvement of the filtration system efficiency. The patent depicts the gasoline particulate filter system that deposits a layer of ash on the filter to reduce the number of pores clogged up by soot.

The aim is to solve problems that are not solved by conventional methods: drop in pressure, subsequently decrease of performance and fuel efficiency.

Configurable Puddle Lamp Control System

Puddle lamps are a common feature in the automotive industry in recent years, but not for Ford. This patent depicts a customizable puddle lamp control system for displaying many things, such as car identification/driver/passenger information, advertisements for nearby businesses to passers-by, company logos; potential seat assignments (for rideshare drivers).

Also, this system will be able to communicate via Wi-Fi or other wireless methods to choose animations or images based on the car’s location, or to detect nearby pedestrians.

Advanced Valet Mode Systems

This new patent provides different ways, not only via a car’s infotainment touchscreen, for activation of a valet mode on vehicles, including a key fob, a smartphone app, NFC (a remote near-field communication device) and a controller to authenticate it.

Source: Ford Authority

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