Land Rover Will Try To Make New Defender Not Too Pricey

The new-generation Land Rover Defender SUV, which is now being developed, will be pricier than the latest Discovery.

The British automaker will seek to reduce the cost of the next-generation Defender model. The price is expected to sit somewhere between $53,000 (like the Land Rover Discovery’s) and $67,000 (the Range Rover Sport’s).

The new Defender will be closer to the Discovery in terms of cost and size. This is because many fans of the legendary SUV use it as a ‘workhorse’ and are not be ready to extra pay for some options not obligatory for an all-terrain vehicle.

The Land Rover Defender is designed on a new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA). It won’t be a body-on-frame vehicle any more. The company claims the new product will have outstanding off-road features.

By the way, the MLA platform allows developing plug-in-hydride versions. So, the next Defender may well have an eco-friendly modification.

Let’s not forget that it was the high level of exhaust gases that led to a ban for import of the previous model to the USA. Although it is still being produced.

New Land Rover Defender will cost between $53,000 and $67,000

If to talk about the release of the 2020 Land Rover Defender, it is possible that the model will be assembled not in the UK, but at the new plant in Slovakia, where they currently produce the Discovery. This will reduce the cost of the model due to lower wages of employees.

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