Land Rover Plans to Launch a Compact Defender

Land Rover is rumored to develop a smaller Defender to fill the compact premium crossover niche.

The “Land Rover 80” is a possible name for this model, the Which Car magazine informs. Though the name misses “Defender”, the vehicle will have specific features indicating the Defender family affiliation.

Some reports say it will be a 5-door crossover riding on a shortened version of Land Rover’s modular aluminum platform. Powertrain variants supposedly include 3- and 4-cylinder hybrid and turbo engines, and all-wheel drive, of course.

The model should cost roughly £25,000 ($32,100), that is, cheaper than the Defenders 90 and 110, which are already priced and can be ordered. The Defender 130 version, by the way, is under consideration as well, to top the range.

The company believes the smaller Defender will challenge little SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class or the BMW X1.

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