Land Rover Defender Gets a Hard Top Commercial Version

Land Rover Defender Gets a Hard Top Commercial Version

Later this year, Land Rover will present a van based on its legendary SUV.

Like the regular Defender, the commercial modification will be available with a short and long wheelbase. The “Hard Top” moniker is a revived name from 1950. Expect the starting price from 40,000 euros (equvalent of $44,800).

The Defender Hard Top offers maximum cargo space along with the premium features of passenger Defenders.

An independent coil spring suspension is standard for hard tops, while an electronic air suspension is optional for the 110 model.

The commercial Land Rover Defender can tow up to 3.5 tons. To improve towing, the company offers a number of systems, like Advanced Tow Assist, for the Hard Top vehicles.

The ground clearance reaches 291 mm, a wading depth is 900 mm.

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