Kuga and Puma Crossovers Become Leaders of Ford in Europe

2020 Ford Puma image

It seems that Europeans are switching from the Focus and Fiesta to the Kuga and Puma crossovers.

In 2022, the Ford Kuga and Ford Puma showed simply excellent results in the European car market. According to JATO Dynamics, 126,986 Kugas were sold, with a 19 percent increase in sales, and the Puma overall became Ford’s best-seller in Europe with 136,751 sales.

The Focus and Fiesta remain among the TOP 5 most popular Ford models in Europe. Their sales amounted to 79,211 and 72,707 cars, respectively. However, the interest of buyers is noticeably decreasing: -17% and -11% are quite a lot and indicative.

Thus, a trend is forming in Europe regarding Ford crossovers, more precisely, their dominance over the brand’s passenger cars.

Demand for the Ford Mondeo continues to fall. Last year, only 5,320 cars were purchased, which is 58% less than in 2021. It seems that the era of mass-market business sedans is coming to an end.

It is worth saying a few words about the Ford Mach-E. Europeans clearly liked this electric SUV. In 2022, 25,406 fans of “green” vehicles became its owners. This is 9% more than the year before last when Mach-E just appeared in Europe.

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