Kia Sorento PHEV Sales Begin, You May Save a Lot

2022 Kia Sorento PHEV Goes on Sale in the USA

The 2022 Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid is available for sale in the USA. The price starts at $44,990. Given the potential savings, the price may drop as low as $36,261.

The Kia Sorento plug-in hybrid is entering the U.S. market now. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $44,990 before all charges and incentives.

If to add a destination fee of $1,175 and deduct $6,587 of the federal tax credit, the price is $39,578. Moreover, the effective cost may decrease to $36,261 after deduction of a $1,317 Clean Fuel Reward (in California) and a $2,000 Clean Vehicle Rebate.

Potential savings may reach $9,904 – not bad at all, isn’t it? The gasoline Sorento starts at $29,490 and the conventional hybrid one – at $33,990.

The Kia Sorento PHEV is an all-wheel-drive model. Five or seven-seater variants are available. The cargo space is 28.6 or 31.7 cubic feet, respectively, with rear seats down.

The SUV’s powertrain comprises a 1.6-liter T-GDi engine and an electric motor, a six-speed automatic transmission. The peak system output is 265 HP and 258 pound-feet of torque. A 13.8-kWh battery provides a driving range of 32 miles according to the EPA test.

The Sorento’s closest rival – the Hyundai Santa Fe plug-in hybrid is cheaper. Its base price is $39,350, the effective price after adding a destination charge and deducting a tax credit is $33,948.  

The Santa Fe model is also much better-sold than the Sorento according to sales from January to August 2021: 83,083 vs 58,143 vehicles. Certainly, this does not mean the Kia Sorento does not deserve a buyer’s attention.

Source: CarsDirect

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