Kia Plans To Launch a New Small Rio-Based Crossover

Kia Plans To Launch a New Small Rio-Based Crossover

Kia plans to add a new Rio-based subcompact crossover to its SUV range.

It will sit alongside the Kia Stonic (pictured above) and compete with the Volkswagen T-Cross.This new B-segment car will possibly receive the XRio name.

With its launch, the automaker wants to expand high-riding body styles, demand for which is growing today.

The Kia XCeed recent arrival has been bolstered this expansion. Kia believes it is a potential best-seller, whose first-year sales will reach around 80,000 units and beyond 100,000 units in 2021 only in Europe.

In case of its success, a sporty small SUV based on the Kia Rio will have good market prospects.

By seating positions Kia separates the SUV segment into B-high/B-low and C-high/C-low. The brand’s current lineup includes B-low Stonic, C-low XCeed, C-high Sportage and Niro.

The Kia Stonic’s seating position is as high as that of the Rio hatchback. Some insiders expect it will change for the next generation (should arrive in 2023-2024), and the model will evolve into a more ‘formal’ SUV.

That makes room for the low-roof XCeed-shaped and Rio-based sporty crossover.

Source: Autocar

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