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Kia Niro Gets a Purpose-Built Version For Business And Recreation

The Kia Niro Plus PBV will be launched first in Korea, as a taxi model for taxi operators, and later in some other markets.

Yesterday The Korean automaker unveiled the Kia Niro Plus purpose-built vehicle (PBV) which it plans to deploy as a general version for private owners (for businesses, recreational purposes, car-hailing services), as well as a zero-emission taxi.

For example, a small business owner of a Kia Niro PBV will be able to use the model for jobs on workdays and for leisure activities at the weekend.

The non-taxi Kia Niro Plus in all-electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions will enter select markets in the second half of 2022.

 As for the Niro Plus taxi, it is based on the first-generation Kia Niro EV and got several enhancements. This model is longer and higher. It has a more spacious cabin with slimmed-down structures like thinner seats and door trims, and additional features for safety and convenience: All-in-One Display, door reflectors, assist handles.

The display includes necessary functions for taxi drivers, such as voice recognition, digital tachograph, navigation, app taximeter, as well as data on nearby charging stations. Besides, over-the-air (OTA) updates and services will be available for the Kia Niro Plus.

Kia Niro Plus Cabin
Kia Niro Plus PBV Cabin
Kia Niro Plus Cabin_1
Kia Niro Plus PBV Cabin_1

Kia strives to become a global market leader PBV by 2030. The company is working on the development of a dedicated scalable platform for purpose-built vehicles of various sizes and shapes. Its first PBV on this platform will be mid-sized. It arrives in 2025.

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