Kia Launches Seven New Electric Vehicles By 2027

Kia Launches Seven New Electric Vehicles By 2027

Kia has released a teaser image that represents seven upcoming battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). They will be from different segments.

The first mass-production battery electric car from the brand, the Kia Ray, was introduced in 2011. Since then, Kia has sold more than 100,000 BEVs worldwide.

By 2025, the Korean automaker aims to sell no fewer than eleven electric cars under its Plan S strategy. With refocus on electrification, a quarter of Kia’s total global sales should be BEVs by 2029, the plan suggests.

Among those seven new products, there will be at least three crossovers and a compact car. Kia wants to accelerate the process of introduction of all-new electric models and to launch them by 2027.

Kia will unveil the first EV of new generation in 2021. With the “CV”codename, the electric car will be a global model and brings “the same competitive product quality and eye-catching design” as Kia’s conventional models.

Futhermore, the manufacturer plans to establish over 2,400 charging stations in Europe, around 500 ones in North America, and expand its network of service centers for electric cars throughout the world to more than 3,500 sites by 2023.

Source: Kia

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