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Kia Launches a New Electric Model to Sit above Niro and Soul

Next year, Kia will introduce its next electric vehicle – a halo high-end crossover.

The Kia Imagine Concept, which the company unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, will serve as a basis for the new zero-emissions model.

Rimac helps Kia in development. The manufacturer promises the new product will be a mainstream affordable model with the high performance level of a premium car.

The upcoming vehicle will sit above the Niro and Soul electric SUVs and contribute in achieving a 6.6% global EV market share by Kia over the next five years.

The automaker plans to launch 11 electric models by 2025. Its goal is to “offer electric or electrified cars in every segment from A to D.”

The new model will ride on a new bespoke Hyundai’s platform, which future larger powerful SUVs and sedans will be built on. Kia says it will cover 310 miles on a single charge and need 20 minutes to charge from 20 to 80 percent from a 350-kW unit thanks to a 800-volt system.

Kia compares significance of the new electric vehicle for the future with that of the Stinger. When the latter arrived, it showed how the brand progressed.

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