Kia Developed A Compact SUV For Youth

Kia has published the first official sketches of an all-new compact SUV, which is supposed to appeal to the millenial generation.

The new model, in essence, is a commercial version of the SP Signature concept. In terms of size, it sits between the Stonic and Sportage, but looks more stylish and sporty. This should attract the attention of young buyers.

Speaking about the new car, Byung Chul Juh, head of Kia styling, said that the company created a vehicle to stand out in the city and beyond.

The top manager beleives the sports design combined with a wide range of functions and technologies are universally suitable for young customers in markets around the world.

The new Kia SUV will be introduced this summer. Towards the end of 2019, it goes on sale in South Korea and later in foreign markets.

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