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Judgement Against Volkswagen Sets a Precedent For Thousands of Such Cases

On Monday, Germany’s top civil court ruled against Volkswagen in the first case brought by a car owner against the automaker for emissions-test cheating, Deutsche Welle reports.

The court has stated the people who purchased a VW car equipped with software that manipulated the results of emissions tests are eligible for financial compensation. They can return the car and receive a partial financial refund from the automaker.

According to the court, the vehicle mileage will be taken into account when calculating the reimbursement.

The court ruling provides an opportunity for other car owners to claim compensation.

In September 2015, Volkswagen admitted to the US Environmental Protection Agency that it installed software on 11 million vehicles worldwide. This made it possible to falsify the emission test results. American scientists discovered manipulation.

The scandal, called the Dieselgate, has led to a crisis of confidence for the entire automotive industry. Subsequently, as it turned out, other car companies also used similar workarounds.

To avoid a class action lawsuit, the Volkswagen Group recently agreed to indemnify 235,000 car owners in Germany. The company must pay up to 830 million euros.

VW previously paid $25 billion (€23 billion) in the U.S. and other countries. Until recently, the company could not pay off German owners.

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