Journalist Compiled TOP 5 Best Electric Cars 2018

Experts of InsideEVs have ranked the TOP 5 Best Electric Cars for 2018, in their opinion. They selected from all-electric vehicles of the 2018 model year which are on sale in the US market.

The choice is based on such features as each model’s equivalent fuel economy (MPGe), driving range, availability, projected reliability, overall performance, utility, styling and, of course, the price.

Apart from individual traits each model has, there are general advantages to owning a fully electric-powered vehicle: zero emissions, immediate delivery of torque, quickness. EVs are cheaper to run, less costly to maintain, eligible for tax credits and state incentives, as well as for free street-parking and specially reserved spots in some areas.

So, the five best EVs are the following:

5. Hyundai Ioniq Electric

Range: 124 miles / 200 km

MPGe (miles per gallon gasoline-equivalent): 150 city / 122 highway

MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price): $30,385

4. Nissan Leaf

Range: 151 miles / 242 km

MPGe: 125 city / 100 highway

MSRP: $30,885

3. Chevrolet Bolt EV

Range: 238 miles / 383 km

MPGe: 128 city / 110 highway

MSRP: $37,495

2. Tesla Model 3

Range: 310 miles / 499 km

MPGe: 136 city / 123 highway (120 / 112 with all-wheel-drive)

MSRP: $50,200

1. Tesla Model S

Range: 249-335 miles / 401-539 km

MPGe: 92-102 city / 100-105 highway

MSRP: $75,700

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

Upper photo: Tesla Model S

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