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Jeep Scrambler Will Change Its Name

According to the latest information, Jeep Scrambler changes its name. Instead of the expected habitual Scrambler, it’ll be the Jeep Gladiator: it has already appeared on the Fiat Chrysler media site.

Jeep fans are waiting for the debut of the new Scrambler pickup, but it will not take place. FCA has not discontinued the model – no, it will enter the market, but other-named.

According to, the vehicle will be called the Jeep Gladiator, not the Jeep Scrambler, as previously planned. Forum users claim that this particular model has appeared on the official Fiat Chrysler media site (thought this page is unavailable now).

Neither photos nor data about the vehicle revealed. But there are two things hinting at the reality of such a name. First, in the 1960s, Jeep pickups were already called so. Secondly, the 2005 pickup concept had the Jeep Gladiator name. also refers to its own source, that has confirmed the series pickup truck will be called the Jeep Gladiator. Its configurations will be Sport, Overland and Rubicon – as the Jeep Wrangler’s.

Jeep has made no official comments on the news. So, we have to wait for the series model forthcoming premiere at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Jeep Gladiator will go on sale next year.

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