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Jaguar Plans To Become An All-Electric Brand Like Tesla

Global automakers continue developing electric vehicles. Some of them, like Jaguar, plan to completely abandon models with internal combustion engines.

Jaguar considers a scenario of becoming a producer of only EVs, like Tesla. A strategic plan has been developed for this. According to the plan, traditional vehicles with ICE are to be replaced by all-electric ones in the model range of the British brand over the next 5-7 years.

We already know that the next-generation Jaguar XJ will be an electric car and join the Jaguar I-Pace crossover. It should arrive over the next 2 years.

Further development of the company’s strategy will strongly depend on market success of these cars. The compact Jaguar XE sedan has not meet expectations in terms of sales, though it’s an able model.

Therefore, it, together with the larger XF, can be replaced with an electric crossover by 2023, a bit more sized than the Audi e-tron quattro.

The second-generation I-Pace is expected in 2025. By this time the Jaguar F-Pace and compact E-Pace SUVs will have left the model range.

For today the Jaguar’s ambitious strategy is just one of the options for further development. According to estimates, the company will be able to sell 300,000 electric vehicles every year, occupying more expensive niches and increasing capitalization.

Photo: 2019 Jaguar XJ 50

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