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Jaguar Land Rover Works On Touchless Infotainment Screen Able To Predict

Jaguar Land Rover partners with the University of Cambridge in developing a contactless touchscreen that can predict how you will touch it.

This technology uses artificial intelligence and in-car gesture sensors to determine where the driver intends to touch. It selects the necessary item with no contact of the driver with the glass.

Such a system called Predictive Touch will be deployed to vehicles in which in-car gesture and eye-tracking sensors are installed.

During laboratory tests, the system could reduce in half the time a driver spended to interact with the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Predictive Touch has gesture trackers which track the location of the driver’s hand using sensors, and figure out what the person aims to choose before taping.

The developers believe that pathogen transmission will reduce, as the driver won’t have to be in a physical contact with the screen, but it’s not indisputable.

Moreover, like anything new, implementing this technology will require a bit of practice before people get used to it.  

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