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Jaguar Land Rover Will Be Divided Into Four Brands

Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender will become separate brands

Jaguar-Land Rover Group’s Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern has just announced a major plan to restructure its brands, Caradisiac reports. Now the company is known as “Jaguar-Land Rover” with two historical brands of the same name – Jaguar and Land Rover. But it will simply become “JLR” while splitting into four brands instead of two.

Now it will be necessary to distinguish between Range Rover, Discovery, Defender, and Jaguar. In particular, Range Rover will refer to the most luxurious models of the group, which is already characteristic of all vehicles that currently bear this badge (from Evoque to Range Rover).

The Discovery brand will bring together vehicles for the family and the general public, while the Defender will focus on off-road models.

However, according to Automotive News, the “Land Rover” badge will still appear on the SUVs of these three new divisions.

As for the Jaguar brand, it will focus on electric cars with a sporty positioning, including the four-door GT, which is due to hit the market by 2025.

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