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Jaguar Land Rover Develops Head-up Display With New 3D Technology

Jaguar Land Rover has been working on a new immersive in-car 3D technology for head-up displays.

Thanks to this technology, the next-generation HUDs will show the state of the road ahead. They will warn of changing the lane, low visibility and hazards, make navigation tips.

The research conducted in Germany show that the use of stereoscopic in-car 3D displays reduces the speed of reaction to “pop-up” tips and increases meaningfulness of the driver’s actions.

The innovative system will also be able to provide passengers with 3D entertainment from their seats in sharing trips on autonomous vehicles in the future.

Several passengers riding in the same car will be able to enjoy each of their chosen media, regardless of their location in the vehicle. They will view route details and places of interest or just watch movies.

The research is made in partnership with the Center for Advanced Photonics and Electronics at the University of Cambridge. Its goal is to develop a head-up display with the effect of presence and reproduce information as realistic as possible.

These studies are part of Jaguar Land Rover‘s “Smart Interior” concept.

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