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Jaguar I-Pace Won The International Engine + Powertrain Of The Year 2019: Awards In Three Categories

The all-electric Jaguar I-Pace has won three awards at the prestigious “International Engine + Powertrain of the Year 2019”, namely the ”Best Electric Powertrain”, “Best New Engine” and “Power from 350 to 450 hp” categories.

The first electric SUV from Jaguar has been awarded at the “International Engine + Powertrain of the Year 2019”. It can boast the victories in three nominations.

The winners were announced at an ad hoc exhibition in Stuttgart. The jury consisted of 70 experts from 31 countries. They assessed performance, engine power and efficiency of the vehicles.

Jan Hoban, JLR’s director of the model range told they wanted to create the world’s best electric crossover with zero emissions. For this the maker used an electric powertrain providing perfect performance and range with a first-class response, flexibility and ease of use in daily operation.

Up-to-date powertrain and technologies

Two light compact and efficient motors output 400hp. The torque is 513lb-ft (696Nm). The 90kWh lithium-ion battery enables a range of up to 292 miles (470km).

The car can be recharged to 80% in 45 minutes at public stations. A partial charge of 15 minutes is enough for 62 miles (100km), when a 100kW DC charging point is used.

A battery pre-preparation system helps optimize the driving range. During charging, the Jaguar I-Pace automatically increases or lowers the battery temperature in order to enlarge the range before a trip.

Integration of the engines with the front and rear axles provides all-wheel drive grip and control of the vehicle in all conditions, as wells as a high level of regenerative braking for more intuitive handling by means of one pedal.

Award collector

The Jaguar I-Pace has won 66 international awards since its launch a year ago, including the World Car of the Year 2019, World Car Design of the Year 2019, World Green Car 2019, European Car of Year and the Car of the Year in Norway, Germany and Great Britain.

Jaguar I-Pace has won 3 awards at the “International Engine + Powertrain of the Year 2019”

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