Jaguar I-PACE Awarded 62 Times Within A Year

Jaguar I-PACE Awarded 62 Times Within A Year

Having received the next three awards at the World Car Awards 2019 contest, the Jaguar I-PACE electric crossover brought the total number to 62. Such a significant result is achieved within one year.

The winners of the World Car Awards 2019 were announced at the New York International Auto Show. The Jaguar I-PACE SUV won the “World Car of the Year”, “World Car Design of the Year” nominations, and also gained the title of the “World Green Car”.

Over 15 years of the World Car Awards history, the I-PACE has become the first model to win in three categories at once.

This fully electric crossover has great prospects on the market. With all its advantages of an environmentally friendly vehicle, the model has good off-road features and practicality. The main competitor to the Jaguar I-PACE today is the Audi e-tron, although the German SUV is noticeably larger.

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