Jaguar E-Type Will Be All-electric And Goes On Sale In The Summer Of 2020

Jaguar E-Type Will Be All-electric And Goes On Sale In The Summer Of 2020

Jaguar decided to release a modern edition of its classic sports car.

The Jaguar E-Type Zero Concept will become a production car in the summer of 2020. Jaguar’s retro model division will build bespoke electric vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic announced they would produce electrified sports cars or re-equip the Jaguars E-Type to EVs at the customer’s request.

The car will lose its in-line six-cylinder engine and a gearbox, instead of which an electric motor will be mounted, as well as a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery giving a power reserve of about 270 km.

Exact technical characteristics of the new car have not been unveiled yet. Jaguar claims the electric motor combined with a weight reduced by 80 kg will make the E-Type Zero more dynamic than the original E-Type.

Externally the car, which retains the possibility to return to a petrol-powered vehicle, will differ only by LED headlights. There will be new instrument panel and multimedia system in the cabin. A rotary selector will replace a gearbox lever.

Despite the fact the Jaguar E-Type Zero is still a concept, it has been already used for its intended purpose. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left Windsor Castle on this electric sports car after the wedding ceremony. Less titled customers will have to wait the model for a couple of years.

Source: Jaguar

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