Jaguar E-Type Turns 60 on March 15: Special E-Type 60 Collection Unveiled

Jaguar E-Type Turns 60 on March 15: Special E-Type 60 Collection Unveiled

One of the most beautiful cars in the word – the Jaguar E-Type – celebrates its 60th anniversary on March 15, 2021. To commemorate the event, Jaguar Classic has unveiled the E-Type 60 Collection.

The collection includes 6 coupes and 6 roadsters. The carmaker fully restored the cars, and will sell them only as a pair. Prices have not been announced yet. We’re afraid to even imagine how much this beauty could cost…Probably, close to $900,000 for one pair of six.  

Apart from restoration, Jaguar Classic added several few mechanical upgrades. The E-Types are equipped with a bespoke 5-speed manual gearbox with helical cut gears, synchromesh and a stronger cast aluminum casing. Gear ratios become closer to sportier driving, and gear shifting is smoother. The engine is a 3.8-liter 6-cylinder 265-hp XK coming with an alloy radiator in style of 1961.

Other tweaks include the engine’s electric cooling fan with electronic ignition, the exhaust pipe made of more durable polished stainless steel. It is of the same size as the mild steel ancestor.

The exterior boasts of original colors (Flat Out Grey, Drop Everything Green), available only for the E-Type 60 Collection. Jaguar modernized the cars inside, but without sacrificing authenticity.

There is a modern infotainment system with Bluetooth and satellite navigation, a handcraft engraving on the refreshed center console; Smooth Black leather and Suede Green trims, “1961-2021” E-Type 60 logos.

The steering wheel has light beech rim and a 24-carat gold horn button – a nod to the original E-Type from the 60ies. The jack storage bags and car covers, a tool roll are available as nice addition.

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