Jaguar Confirms It Will Stay True to Sedans

Jaguar Confirms It Will Stay True to Sedans

In the latest interview Jaguar Land Rover North America’s President and CEO, Joe Eberhardt, explained why they would not abandon sedans.

The British brand is a famous maker of elegant sports cars and sedans, and wants to stick to its roots. Mr. Eberhardt believes that “sedans will have a future with the Jaguar brand”, the question is how many there will be and how they will look like.

The company confirms no more vehicles will be added to the lineup, but existing ones will get new interpretations.

Thus, Jaguar refreshed the F-Type sport car for 2021. An all-new XJ battery-electric executive sedan is coming. The XF, XE will be most likely continued as electric cars.

Following the modern trend, Jaguar joined the club of SUV manufacturers. It already has the F-Pace, E-Pace and I-Pace, and plans to add a larger crossover in the future, assumedly named the J-Pace, which sits on Jaguar’s all-aluminum MLA platform.  

The CEO says that SUVs will be always the domain of Land Rover. The JLR company prefers to stick to the distinction between Land Rover and Jaguar, and thinks that adding crossovers to the Jaguar brand is a challenge in terms of product strategy and planning perspective.

Source: MotorTrend

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