Intriguing Spy Photos Of The BMW 8-Series Convertible Appeared On The Internet

Intriguing spy photos of the BMW 8-Series Convertible appeared on the Internet. The carmaker is testing a disguised prototype in Nevada (Las Vegas) and California (Death Valley) in hot-weather conditions.

They’ve proceeded with the development of a modification with the added ability to lower the roof, not waiting until the regular BMW 8-Series goes on sale.

The BMW’s technicians are checking how the cabin’s electronics can withstand high temperatures, which reach over 50°C in Death Valley. They also want to test the ability of interior’s sealing to keep out fine dust particles met on dirt roads.

Except for the top, the convertible looks like the coupe outside and inside, as well as shares its powertrain with the 8-Series hardtop.

Europeans can expect a twin-turbo 4.4-litre 8-cylinder 530-hp (750 Nm) engine mated with 8-speed automatics and four-wheel drive. A twin-turbo diesel inline-six 3.0-litre 319-hp motor with 681 Nm of torque will be optional.

The BMW 8-Series Convertible arrives in 2019 alongside with the four-door Gran Coupe. They both will get M variants in late 2019. The convertible’s production version may be introduced still this year.

Source: Motor1

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