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10 Interesting Facts About Dodge You Might Not Know or Forget

We’ve collected here some interesting facts about Dodge which we’d like to share with readers.

This car brand is best known for offering durable, powerful vehicles with technologically advanced features, for example, such as two keys in the Challenger – red for higher speeds, and black to minimize engine power. Dodge is reputed for its popular pickup trucks (Ram 1500 and 2500), as well as its lines of sports and muscle cars, with which the company took part in the NASCAR race series from 1966 to 2012.

Dodge was founded in 1913 by Dodge brothers Horace Elgin and John Francis. They began with the manufacture of bicycles’ ball-bearings and bicycles and even mechanical parts for stoves and later opened their own machine shop in Detroit. The shop produced and sold automobile parts to Detroit-based automakers, such as Ford.

In 1914, they started to build complete automobiles under the “Dodge Brothers” brand, predating the founding of the Chrysler Corporation. Today the Dodge brand belongs to Stellantis.

Fact 1: Dodge contributed to the creation of the first affordable mass-market automobile

Remember the Ford Model T? Dodge brothers helped create it by making axles, transmissions, and the engine.

Fact 2: Dodge’s first model is based on a steel frame

In 1914, Dodge launched its first automobile – the Model 30 ( “Old Betsy”). It was a 4-cylinder touring car with a sliding-gear transmission, a 12-volt electrical system, a rare hexagonal window, and a unique, all-steel body. At that time, most vehicles had wood frames. 

For its power (35 hp vs the Ford Model T’s 20 hp) and reliability, the Dodge Model 30 gained popularity and a good reputation.

Dodge Model 30 1919
Dodge Model 30

Fact 3: Celebrity favorite

Dodge cars are featured in Hollywood movies and in songs of famous singers, songwriters, and bands, such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Zappa, and Johnny Cash. A number of world celebrities, like Kenny Wayne, JB Smoove, Amber Marshall, John Teller, Vin Diesel, and Jim Jefferies own a Dodge.

Fact 4: Dodge has a military history

In 1916, Lt. George Patton Jr. led the US Army’s first mechanized cavalry charge against Mexican general Pancho Villa with only 3 Dodge touring cars and 15 soldiers. 

Later, during World War II, Dodge manufactured military vehicles for the US Army, as well as engines and other parts for Boeing’s heavy bomber. 

Fact 5: Dodge is the developer of a winterized vehicle and a women’s car

In 1914, Dodge invented a winterized vehicle concept with snap-on side glasses and a removable hardtop.

In 1955, Dodge introduced the La Femme (upper photo). The car was specifically designed for women: it came with rosebud-dotted upholstery and a purse attached to the seat inside, and a two-toned exterior, generally pink and white.

Fact 6: Dodge made the “Adult Toys” series

In 1978, Dodge launched its advertising campaign for the “Adult Toys” series of models which were all accessorized versions of Dodge’s Ram trucks and vans. They looked as is were modified by a dealer or in an aftermarket shop.

Dodge needed some energy because muscle cars were not in good shape at that time. Thus, Dodge hoped to pique customer interest in healthy utilitarian vehicles with the help of its Adult Toys.

Dodge Adult Toys
Adult Toys Series from Dodge

Fact 7: Original Dodge Viper’s V10 engine was designed by Lamborghini

The Dodge Viper is America’s supercar with enough torque, horsepower, and aerodynamics to challenge Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bugattis on the road track. It was the vehicle to serve as a crime-fighting secret weapon in the 1990s criminal TV series “Viper”.

The first Viper arrived in 1992 with a 400-hp V10. Lamborghini, owned by Chrysler Corporation at that time, helped with the design of the engine. All in the car – the big engine, light mass, a gigantic transmission tunnel inside that stole the interior space – was purposed for one thing: speed.

The manufacturer did not even add air conditioning until 1994. Over the years, the car became cooler, more powerful, faster, quicker shifting, and featured a more impactful performance-based style. The latest 5th-gen model  (2013–2017) came with an 8.4-liter V10 with 650 hp.

Dodge Viper ACR 2016
2016 Dodge Viper ACR

Fact 8: Dodge built the most powerful and fastest muscle car in the world

With an enormous 1,025 hp at 6,500 rpm and 945 pound-feet at 4,200 rpm from a production HEMI engine that runs on E85 ethanol blend, the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 accelerates from zero to 60 mph in just 1.66 seconds.

It is the highest G-force acceleration of any production car. The Demon 170 can also deliver 900 horsepower and 810 lb.-ft. of torque on E10 fuel. This is the fastest vehicle ever produced by Dodge, and the first car from the factory to run the quarter-mile under 9.0 seconds. In addition, it is currently the most expensive Dodge model.

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170
2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170

Fact 9: a Dodge model has the loudest engine in a car

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat has the best engine in terms of loudness. The noise level of its 707-hp Hellcat V8 reaches 105 dB, which is only 15 dB lower than 120 decibels of a rock concert.

Fact 10: Dodge’s pickup truck has the highest owner loyalty

The Dodge Ram 1500 has the highest owner loyalty of any half-ton pickup in the market. Almost 70 percent of Ram owners say they will trade for another Ram. The truck was marketed as the Dodge Ram from 1980 to 2010, and from 2010 onwards under the Ram Trucks brand.

RAM 1500 TRX 2022
2022 RAM 1500 TRX

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