Hyundai Told Investors of Its Upcoming Models From Updates to All-New

During a presentation for investors, Hyundai has revealed its new products, which will come in the next 2 years.

Among them, there are electric versions of existing vehicles, the Ioniq family electric cars, facelifts of the current models.

In particular, we’ve known about the Ioniq 6 C-class sedan following the Ioniq 5 hatchback and arriving next year. The latter is based on the Prophecy concept. Moreover, a crossover under the Ioniq sub-brand, whose name is still unknown, is coming this year.

Besides, after the Hyundai Sonata and Palisade receive updates, those refreshed versions will hit the market in 2022.

Hyundai Motor Co’s premium brand Genesis is also preparing new products. The G80e, a battery-electric counterpart of the Genesis G80, is expected in 2021, while the GV70e BEV will join in 2022.

As for the Kia brand also owned by Hyundai Motor, it is going ahead in development of electric cars, and does not intend to lag behind Hyundai.

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