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Hyundai Santa Cruz Demonstrates its Bare Body in a Leaked Photo

A new leaked photo of the Hyundai Santa Cruz gives to understand more how the upcoming mass-production model will look like.

The Santa Crus is our favorite, we’re looking forward to its arrival in 2021. Unfortunately, this unibody pickup truck will be marketed only in North America which it has been developed for, at least, for some time after its launch. We still hope it will reach other shores later on.

The Santa Crus has already appeared in the concept form, as well as in some spy shots in the form of a prototype hidden under camouflage.

This time, the photo from Motor1 reveals the Hyundai Santa Cruz’s bare body, a skeleton, with a short bed, sloping C-pillar and some familiar design cues, like a crease in the passenger door similar to the new Elantra’s.

Hyundai will build the Santa Cruz at its Alabama factory where the company also produces its popular models – the Elantra, Santa Fe, Sonata.

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