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Hyundai Cars Are Acknowledged To Be Of The Best Quality

Hyundai Motor Group cars have been ranked high in the annual quality rating of J.D.Power, the leading US analytical agency.

Initial Quality Study (IQS) is based on a survey of car owners after 90 days of ownership and counting the number of identical defects found on 100 vehicles. The fewer defects found, the higher the position of the car in the rating. IQS is considered an industry standard for quality.

This year’s survey involved more than 75,000 respondents in the United States. The first place was taken by the luxury Genesis brand belonging to Hyundai Motor Group. It is represented in the American market by the G70, G80, G80 Sport and G90 models.

The Hyundai brand is at the third place in the IQS rating.

The best-selling Hyundai Tucson SUV is acknowledged to be of the best quality in the segment of compact SUVs and became the fourth in the overall rating of models.

The Santa Fe off-road SUV took the second place in the “Mid-size SUVs” category.

Photo: 2019 Genesis G70

Source: Hyundai Motor 

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