Hydrogen-Powered Honda Clarity Reaches American Dealerships

The 2019 Honda Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle will be available in some selected dealerships in California from April 16, 2019.

The new Honda Clarity FCEV has quite many advantages, such as:

  • Zero emissions;
  • Short refueling time (3-5 minutes);
  • Long driving range of EPA-rated 360 miles;
  • Practicality combined with premium features: spacious sophisticated interior for 5 occupants;
  • Honda Sensing suite of advanced safety and driver assist functions coming standard;
  • Competitive lease price of $379/ month for 36 months, with a require down payment of $2,878;
  • $5,000 California state rebate, single-occupant HOV access;
  • 68 MPGe of combined fuel economy, the highest EPA rating among FCEVs on sale in the American car market.
2019 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda has invested more than $14 million in California’s hydrogen refueling network. There are nearly 40 retail hydrogen stations across the state.

By 2030, the carmaker plans that electrified vehicles will have a share of 2/3 of Honda’s global car sales.

The Honda Clarity Series includes Plug-in Hybrid, Fuel Cell and Electric versions. The manufacture’s suggested retail price in the USA is $33,400-36,620.

Source: Honda

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