Hydrogen-Powered BMW X5 Will Be Unveiled Next Year

Hydrogen-Powered BMW X5 Will Be Unveiled Next Year

The Bavarian manufacturer has been working with Toyota to launch a limited series BMW X5 with hydrogen fuel-cell tech in 2022.

BMW is one of the few automakers believing that mass adoption of hydrogen fuel cells in the car industry is worthwhile. And Toyota has the expertise of making fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). For example, it has already introduced two generations of the Mirai.

Reuters reports that at BMW’s annual shareholder meeting, Chief Executive Officer Oliver Zipse said they planned a small production run of a hydrogen-fuel-cell BMW X5 crossover next year.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology does have advantages. Hydrogen fuel cells are harmless as they emit only water. Moreover, the vehicles working on hydrogen provide a greater driving range than battery-electric cars.

At the same time, there is very little fueling infrastructure today to support the mass production of such vehicles. But it’s a matter of time. Beyond all doubt, carmakers will be shifting to hydrogen to power vehicles in the course of time.

BMW and Toyota focus on developing fuel cells. The same can be said about Jaguar Land Rover: it will have prototypes that use hydrogen fuel cells on the roads of Great Britain within 2022, as part of the company’s investment plan.

In addition, Honda and Hyundai have worked out fuel cell models.

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