How to Prepare Your Car For Winter: Main Tips

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How to prepare your car for the cold winter weather? Here are several simple tips from us.

You will be able to extend the life of your vehicle by following these simple tips, and it will serve faithfully for many years. Prepare your car for winter as correctly and fully as possible! Official dealers and authorized service centers will certainly help you with this.

1. Replace tires

In order not to get into a dangerous situation on the road and not to break the law, you need to know when to change summer tires to winter ones.

Unsuitable tires wear out faster and increase the risk of an accident. Winter tires are softer and have a deeper tread pattern.

There is no clear date for switching to winter tires. Keep in your mind that you should go to a local service center to install winter tires when the air temperature is below +5-7°C for several days.

2. Replace engine oil

The service life of your car’s engine depends on engine oil. Engine replacement or repair is a time-consuming and expensive process. It is better to prevent possible problems than to solve them.

There are various oil types. When choosing the oil for your vehicle, note that different oils should not be mixed.

Mineral-based oils are cheaper but less stable to temperatures, worse resistant to oxidation, and they worse preserve necessary viscosity levels at temperature lowering.

Synthetic oils, on the contrary, provide maximum friction reduction and protection of engine parts from wear, better resist oxidation under the influence of high temperatures, and maintain low viscosity even in severe frost conditions, which simplifies engine start-up. But synthetic engine oils are more expensive.

Semi-synthetic oils have average operating characteristics and average prices.

3. Replace the washer

With the air temperature dropping to -3°C in the dark, the driver should urgently take care of the need to replace all summer technological fluids with winter non-freezing ones.

This operation, at first glance, is simple and does not require special skills. However, some drivers either forget about this simple procedure or make mistakes that, at low temperatures, lead to car breakdowns and unnecessary costs.

After all, as the temperature lowers, the liquid in the tank freezes and expands, which disables the pump, clogs the hoses, breaks the connecting fittings, and, worst of all, the nozzles. Therefore, it is worth taking care of such a common thing as a glass washer in advance.

4. Do the regular technical inspection

For your vehicle to operate well, don’t forget about its timely maintenance at a certified service center in the place of your stay. Maintenance includes scheduled works and additional works, which are carried out taking into account the model, mileage, and age.

Maintenance regulations are described in detail in the service book of your car. Car manufacturers have their own maintenance programs, at a fixed cost within one region or others, plus discounts.

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