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How to Cool Cars Without an Air Conditioner: Israeli Startup Knows

Israeli startup SolCold has invented a unique coating material that can actively cool cars using sunlight.

With the help of anti-stokes fluorescence patent technology, SolCold turned the heat of the sun into a refrigerating substance. This is about the four-layer nanotech coating material that can be used as a film or paint applied to the vehicle’s body. This invention is the answer to the question “How to cool cars without an air conditioner?”, that is, electricity-free.

When exposed to sunlight, the coating material cools itself below the surrounding temperature. The temperature can be lowered by 20-70%.

The car without the SolCold coating is hotter when it stands in the shade than the vehicle with the SolCold coating that stands under the sunrays.

SolCold plans to launch its coating into commercial production next fall, but we don’t know so far when the technology will be used in production vehicles.

By the way, Volkswagen has already promised to utilize it in one of its future concepts.

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