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How Tesla Model 3 Gets Over Snow On A Par With Jeeps

Unusual comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and Jeep SUVs passing their winter tests (video).

On the same day, Tesla and Jeep have published their videos which demonstrated cross-country abilities of their vehicles in the snow.

Elon Musk’s company represented the new Tesla Model 3, one of America’s oldest automakers – its entire lineup: Cherokee (pictured above), Wrangler and Renegade. In the end, we’ve got a chance to make a visual comparison test.

Without thinking it would be possible to estimate that the small Model 3 is not a competitor to Jeeps at all.

But here’s the thing: in the arsenal of this electric car there are powerful engines which deliver all the torque to all four wheels. Of course, small dimensions and moderate weight help too. If to take these features together, we get a rather good “electric snowmobile”.

Have a look:

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