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How ‘Jeep Code’ Snapchat Lens Helps Buying a Jeep

Now Canadians can gain a virtual shopping experience with the help of the ‘Jeep Code’ Snapchat lens.

Jeep launches an innovative augmented reality technology – Jeep Code – through the Snapchat app on smartphones. Jeep’s iconic seven-slot grille is turned into a barcode, and anyone who has a smartphone with the app can come to any Jeep vehicle in real life, and scan its grille via Snapchat.

After doing this, a person can get more information about the vehicle he/she has scanned, browse the inventory at a local dealer, build and price a model on, or even begin the purchasing procedure.

With the introduction of the Jeep Code tech, Jeep wants to enhance the process of car buying and streamline the shopper’s journey enabling a quick connection to the right vehicles in the nearby area.

Especially the company hopes that the new Jeep Code will be liked by young Canadians.

Source: Jeep

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