How Holoride Helps Entertain Passengers in Audi Vehicles

Audi Uses Holoride Technology

A new technology called “holoride” provides virtual-reality content that adapts to the driving movements of a vehicle in real time. From summer 2022, Audi will use it in its cars.

Select Audi vehicles equipped with a MIB 3 infotainment system and the latest software cluster will have the holoride capability starting from June 2022. To use this feature, a holoride-enabled virtual reality headset is needed that is wirelessly connected via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Audi cars to get the startup holoride tech include five A models, from A4  to A8, three Q models – Q5, Q7, Q8, as well as Audi e-trons – the regular e-tron and the e-tron GT quattro.

How It Works

Passengers on rear seats put on virtual reality glasses and can play games, watch films, or interactive content – various virtual content adapting movements of the car in real time. For example, an imaginary spaceship repeats the movements of the driving car: turns to the left, speeds up or slows down when the vehicle takes a left turn, accelerates, or decelerates.

Audi is introducing the holoride technology at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. The event takes place on March 11-20, 2022. Seating in Audi electric vehicles, visitors can check how the holoride virtual reality works.

Audi Vehicles Adapt Holoride Technology
Audi Adapts Holoride Virtual Reality

The automaker plans to launch holoride in Germany, Great Britain, and the USA. Other markets, namely Canada, China, Japan, European countries will follow.

Source: Audi

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